Understanding Psychology is the shortcut that many business-owners don’t even know about.

It’s the direct path to profitability, yet for many small business owners who don’t have a marketing team, sales team, or any other type of super-fancy team behind them… it’s also the road less-traveled. 

It’s the cheat sheet you wish you had on every exam. It’s the magic trick that big businesses deploy every Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the foundation behind every start-up that makes it to Wall Street. It’s why Apple has droves of people waiting in lines around the block every time a new iPhone comes out.

The importance of psychology can not be overstated.  It permeates every aspect of your business.

Let me show you how.

The Posing Method

Whether you're fresh on the photography scene or you've been shooting for decades there's a really good chance that you are either trying to learn how to get your clients to connect with you on a photoshoot, or you've found yourself stuck in mechanical poses that leave your galleries looking like more of the same.

This shooting method is designed to get you out of your own head... to understand the innate human behaviors of your clients... and to learn the magic formula to create powerhouse images at each and every photoshoot, without ever using a static pose or mechanical prompt again.

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The Marketing Method

We hear these trigger words all the time: scale your business, client experience, lead tracking, email capture, ad spend, grow your audience. And yet, we often don't understand "the HOW" or "the WHY" any of it works.

Understanding the Psychology behind Marketing is the foundation. It is 'the WHY." Then, and only then can you start moving into "the HOW"... which is the actual framework of creating offers your clients can't refuse.

The Marketing Method is designed to get a digestible plan in place for your business in both of these areas. It will not only show you the right way to market your business, but also WHY it works for your clients psychologically, and HOW to implement the plan.

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The Sales Method

Do you even know how badly I wanted to name this The Dating Guide that Works for your Business Too? Mostly because getting ghosted after a date has the same sting as hearing crickets after a booking meeting.

The Psychology of sales is based on a multitude of cognitive biases that humans are innately predisposed to have. Do you know these biases? Do you use them to your advantage during sales meetings? I’m guessing that the answer is no. But why not?

They are as easy to harness as the dating-skills taught in self-help books. Yet, instead of snagging you a boyfriend, they lure cash right into your bank account.

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