Often times in this digital age, it is easy for images to be swept away onto hard drives or usb’s only to collect cyber dust.

In contrast, our focus is to truly capture the                             that will serve as the legacy pieces generations of the future will                                

In contrast, our focus is to truly capture the
                            that will serve as the legacy pieces generations of
the future will

With a clear distinction and a discerning eye for design, Jodi, the lead photographer and designer of the J. Anne Studio, will custom-create artwork that will fill your halls with laughter, brighten the mood of your home, and bring the warmth of your memories into your everyday.

treasure and adore.

heirloom images


From start to finish, the word that drives the mission of J. Anne Photography is intention.

It is with intention that the artistry we create be a preservation of your legacy.

We strive to not only create beautiful photographs, but we intentionally stop time for you. We capture light-filled images that pause the inevitable growth and change that each day brings. We do this so that you can take a second to breathe, look around, and treasure what you are creating in this world.

Our images preserve the fleeting moments you desperately want to hold onto, and we hang them on your walls to experience over and over again, with reckless abandon.

We do all of this... with the full intention of serving our clients brilliantly.

The J. Anne Studio Galleries

The J. Anne Studio specializes in children's portraiture, motherhood sessions, and family sessions that can all be offered on-location or in the studio.  The target is always luminous art touched with warmth and love... no matter the backdrop.

Motherhood Portraits


Portraits on Location

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The               process

Along with our mission to serve with intention, J. Anne Photography has already built a reputation synonymous with impeccable imagery.

The portrait process serves as a way to bring those images even one-step further by ensuring that each photoshoot is being planned, executed and preserved with an intense focus on design, aesthetics, and the luxury service that J. Anne clients have come to expect.

Click the steps below for a glimpse into the process from session planning through art installation.


Step One

The first step is the planning appointment in which we will meet at your home to experience your design aesthetic and get a feel for the personality of your home. We will take photos of your bare walls, or reconfigure how we see the space working to really showcase the beauty of your images.

We will be intentional about knowing which images need to be created in specific format to meet your exact needs. Further, we will discuss the location, wardrobe and other aesthetics of your photoshoot to ensure that we are capturing images custom to your exact design preference.

Step Two

Next, is the fun part!! Well, for us it's all fun, but the photoshoot is where we really get to flex and show off a little bit. During the planning meeting we will have decided upon a location, whether it be in the studio... in the Las Vegas valley... or any where in the world. Are we international? Um... yes!! We will plan and execute any photoshoot that you can dream up. We are wanderlusts at heart and travel often for other work engagements, so please let your mind wander.

We have so much fun when we're finally out there on there during the photoshoot. We ask that you leave your worries and cares behind for a window of time, and simply enjoy being with one another in the most authentic way possible. We capture the big smiling moments... and the subtle ones that happen in-between (which are almost always our favorites.)  

Step Three

Then, after the editing process is complete, we will meet again at the studio to review your beautiful images that we created for your home. You will have the chance to watch the images in a slideshow (tissues will be handy!!) and choose which images are your favorites.

We will then use everything that we gathered during our planning session to create the artwork that fits your home best. You can also order albums, additional prints to enjoy on your desk or other areas of your home, or the digital files for those images that you'd like to use for holiday cards, announcements, or for posting to your social media accounts.

Step Four

Once your order is delivered to the studio, our team of white-glove professionals will come back to your house to install the images that we intentionally designed together. After this, I’m pretty sure we’ll be starting back at square one so that we can do it all over again for the next shoot.

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Jodi is a self-proclaimed reality tv show connoisseur and mom to four gentlemen-in-training and an amazing daughter.

Her love of a dirty martini is only trumped by the love she has for the life that she is creating with her husband-to-be… along with the love of dry sarcasm, Auntie Anne’s cinnamon sugar pretzels, and nights spent rolling in laughter with her closest people.

She is an award-winning, natural light photographer who creates images filled with warm textures, true whites, and dream-like allure.
These images speak brilliantly to the vignettes she designs outside of the camera, as well.  Her eye for artful interior design works hand-in-hand with the studio process to not only create beautiful imagery, but to also have the ability to bring this imagery to life in your home.

With over fifteen years of experience in both photography and design, it is finally time that she combines these two worlds in order to bring you full-service family art installations straight to the walls of your home.

    And she does it all                       but, as always with way                                      

        And she does it all                                 but with way                                                


more gumption than grace.


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Let's fill your walls with the memories that will be cherished for the years to come.

into thoughtful design for the most                      clientele.

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