I never knew that I would end up here.  I'm not sure that anybody ever really knows what their life is going to end up looking like, but for me, it seems so amazing that I went to college for nine years to get a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology; yet I ended up being Mom to three of the coolest mini-humans I have ever met and running a business as an accomplished international wedding photographer... and in a surprise twist, my degree is still something that I put into action every single day.

I squeeze business calls in between baseball double-headers, and I drive my baby boys to school only to sprint into meetings with designers, florists, and beautiful clients before racing back to gather my geese back up again.  The most amazing part, is that I thrive in this environment.  Wedding days are chaotic, so my life is basically the equivalent of wedding photographer training camp.

I expertly navigate your wedding from my extensive experience in this industry, but what this offers you is the peace of mind on your wedding day to relax and enjoy what you have created.  Booking with J. Anne Photography allows you to sit back, enjoy your party, and trust that every part of the day is going to be handled with ease... grace... and a whole lot of laughter along the way.


Early mornings, bad grammar, small talk, talking politics, overhead lighting, close talkers, red wine, coffee (gasp!), creating wedding timelines, mid-century modern furniture, cats.


Late nights, funny movies, loud laughs, dance music, real conversation, timeless details, gold fixtures, lazy mornings, perfume, dirty martinis, candlelight, legacy stories, hot summer days... 


Destination Wedding Photographer


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