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And on that afternoon... we became husband and wife. We celebrated with a soda and french fries.

The three other days that I have locked inside of my soul are the days that I was given each of my three beautiful baby boys. The life that began on a random day in June between just the two of us has turned into just the five of us. I'm not going to lie to you. My house is crazy most of the time. But it is the crazy that Fraser and I created together. Four boys and one girl... who are all living an incredibly imperfect, messy, and chaotic life... that is simply amazing.

Imperfectly Yours,

Jodi Anne

If I were to tell you that October 22, 2004, my wedding day, was the happiest day of my life I wouldnt be telling you the full truth. The truth is... my wedding day wasn't the day that my marriage actually began. My marriage began in June of the same year when my then-fiance and I walked into the pastors office of the church where our wedding would be held four months later. Fraser, my soon-to-be husband, was dressed in a black suit with a black and white graphic tie. Give him a break... it was 2004. I felt the need to wear white even though it wasn't my wedding day. A white lace knee length skirt with a pink camisole wrapped in a black short sleeve ballerina style sweater. Black heels. A friend who was staying with us for the weekend quickly snapped a photo as we left our small apartment.

We were married that day in June without our families. Without our friends. Just the two of us. Well, three of us, if you count Pastor Rob. I cried nervous tears. Nervous, happy tears. Fraser looked at me with an innocent and young-love, but I could see his guilt. The guilt that his Canadian citizenship was stripping me of my wedding day. If I allowed myself to be honest... and selfish in that moment; I might have said that I was upset to have gotten married in a small office, dressed in a church outfit, by ourselves on a random day in June. But if the me of today could tell myself one thing on that day I would have whispered in my ear that this random day in June...with just him and I...would be one of the four days of my life that I would cling to every memory. Every emotion. I would tell myself that this is the beginning. The beginning of something amazing.