I want to keep on dreaming that I'm 22 and that my street cred isn't dwindling faster than my bank account when I'm at Target.. but these dreams don't really measure measure up when the only place that I'm rollin' to these days is into the pick-up line at school and afternoon baseball practices.

In reality, 22 is long gone from my rear view mirror, and I'm a Mom to three adorable little boys who drive me absolutely nutty.  I could fill my days with trashy reality television while sipping dirty martinis if it wasn't for the time it takes to raise those cute kids of mine.  I oooze with basic soccer-mom-ness in my real life, but on my weekends I get to turn into something really amazing.  When I am shooting weddings I get to create really beautiful images for some of the most amazing clients that a girl could ever dream of... and luckily these dreams are so much better and more fulfilling than wishing to be back in my early twenties... because really... crushing keg stands could never measure up to this life that I get to live.  

If you don't take yourself too seriously, love to laugh, and want your wedding photographer to feel more like a friend than the paparazzi, head over to the contact page so that we can chat about booking your wedding dream team!! 

I am a wedding photographer with more sass than swagger... even though I'd like to believe it's the other way around.


Early mornings, bad grammar, small talk, talking politics, overhead lighting, close talkers, red wine, coffee (gasp!), creating wedding timelines, mid-century modern furniture, cats, pretentious food, hipsters...


Late nights, funny movies, loud laughs, rap music, real conversation, farmhouse details, gold fixtures, lazy mornings, perfume, dirty martinis, candlelight, hot summer days...